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New Orleans Video Productions

Over 20 years in the industry.

Social Media Advertising

From One a one-man band to a full crew of 100 strong.

We build brands from the ground up, including social media development.

Award-winning indie film director

We know motion picture equipment inside and out.

New Orleans Video Productions is a name you can trust.

Our clientele ranges the globe with a variety of styles and needs.

We can handle any gig, no matter the issues.

From multi-camera concerts and convention coverage to feature film, we do it all.


We are the highest rated video production services company in the New Orleans metro area for good reason. Not only do we create top-notch Commercials, Feature and purpose-driven Documentaries, Corporate work of all kinds, but we also write, shoot and edit entertainment for TV shows, Music Videos, and Cinema. Regarding live event coverage, we offer Multi-camera Webcasting for Concerts, Sporting Events, and even Trade Shows and Conferences. Since 2004, we staff our jobs with the best A teams in the field. To suit the needs of each particular assignment, we choose the right balance of talent, budget, equipment and manpower, to offer scalable resources.


TIER 1:  Arri Alexa or Red 8k Helium for major advertising or high profile.

TIER 2:  Red Camera and Sony F800 or FS7 for mid-level productions.

TIER 3:  1-3 member teams for basic budget coverage.


EDWARD HOLUB, a New Orleans based producer, director, and cinematographer with decades of real field experience, helms the company. He has traveled the world on various assignments and has shopped his documentary and feature films to markets and festivals in Austria, Belgium, Germany, UK, Poland and New York, LA, Chicago etc in the U.S.. Current clients include Spectrum, AP, Time, Turner, Getty, O&M, Saatchi, etc.   We strive to serve the unique needs of our clients, on time, on budget, and with fantastic results.

New Orleans Video Productions

New Orleans' hometown favorite.

Across all visual disciplines.

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