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Filming an event and bringing it to millions of potential viewers is easier than you might think because of the advent of internet broadcast (or webcast technology), New Orleans Video Productions works with the best streaming technicians and camera operators to ensure you always have a top notch high quality stream that never drop out in the middle of A SHOW!!!  We have created multi-camera shows for Live Bands from Heart to any night at Tipatinas, We also do sporting events like Boxing and Arm Wrestling Championships, Civic events like Political Debates for Parish President, and corporate streaming events during Expos at the Convention Center.

There are so many ways a WEBCAST can increase your following, promote your business, or even sell tickets to your shows. The possibilities are endless. We love doing live shows because you can feel the energy of capturing something as it happens and that it's a special moment.

Corporate concerns can benefit from webcasting by expanding the viewership of each spectacle they create and then add continued circulation afterwards.  We often create sizzle reels from events to ship off to social media even when we are on site simply to capture highlights, but often corporations miss the chance to reach even wider audiences with valuable brand identification by not taking the event further by webcasting live.


Social media like facebook Live and YouTube Live have made the idea of viewing live streaming more popular to the public than ever. In fact, as time progresses, international corporations are realizing the vitality of creating more and more simultaneously for its events and for webcast. Now is the time to galvanize your social media to get behind these potential webcast events to boost your standing on the world wide web.


How it works:  Video signals are sent to a computer then through a simple internet line which we sometimes augment with a satellite encoder that uses multiple cell phone signals to increase band width. It sounds complicated but it actually isn't. The most critical part of webcasting is making sure you have people who know what they are doing creating your show, That's why we here at New Orleans Video Productions work on so many of these live events. We use dedicated service providers to ensure a good signal and we have learned all the tricks and technical matters to get the best quality output.

Why try it: If you own a business that's looking to expand your web audience and you want to get more people to learn about your brand, webcasting is a great way to achieve that goal. Typically we have constant opportunities to broadcast bands and music events or local sporting events that already have a following and a built in audience that would learn about your brand when then key in the show we webcast.  

By sponsoring an event for webcast, you will get major bang for buck because your brand will not only be seen onsite but will be featured live on on the web, now and archived forever insuring your brand presence will persevere. Think about how many interesting events happen in New Orleans all the time and think about all those missed opportunities your business had to spread your message while promoting them.

Social Media Advertising: When you devote resources to "facebook push" ahead of broadcast and then push re-broadcast, sizzles, highlights, and special moments from the day, you acquire a tremendous amount of content to help promote your world wide web presence. Content is king, and it's the best way to increase your standing on the web, so when you promote an event with proper advance and post event publicity you can create a behemoth of promotion for your company.

Think about it!

Advantages – 

  • Less expensive than satellite broadcasting

  • Great way to reach a large number of participants gathered in multiple locations

  • Webcast can be transmitted in real time to large or small groups gathered in various locations

  • Also possible to view in real time by individuals sitting at computers or using mobile devices

  • Ideal for one-way communication of keynote speeches, general sessions, panel discussions, etc.

  • Webcast can be recorded for access on-demand by groups or individuals

You will need to –

  • Contract with trusted audio visual professionals that provide all the technical considerations like those at New Orleans Video Productions

  • Consult with them early in your planning process before a site selection for production is finalized

  • Develop your own detailed checklist and work closely with your social media marketers to coordinate the widest audience for your show and link all the video content created at the event for future use.


You can use webcasts for a variety of purposes:

  • Offer live-motion training classes and product information to your customers, partners and employees.

  • Make live announcements, host online meetings, or spread awareness about various events to promote your services or products

  • Increased revenue: Using webcasting technologies can improve productivity of your employees as well as reach more customers while demonstrating a leading edge image. It can also help your company drive action and achieve results quicker and reduce the time and effort required to market your products and services.

  • Connect with your audience: Your online audience can remain as engaged as if being present for your message's delivery. The server that hosts the live video streaming can be set up so that people watching from other states can write in questions and receive live answers. You can even track student/viewer participation and performance, thereby improving transparency and accountability.



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