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"WHEELS OF JUSTICE:  A True Murder Case"

A NETFLIX style 13 episode series in pre-production. From the fall of 1983 through the fall of 1985 Darrell and Russel Crider murdered no less than 17 victims, reaching across the entire United States. Because of  the dogged police work by Shreveport Detectives Gary Alderman and Patrick McGaha, this criminal rampage was uncovered through detailed and painstaking confessions. ISSUES: Death Penalty, yea or nea? Child sex trafficking; Victim or preditor?


Michael Gascon of Horse Haven Ranch, Mississippi is an international star horse trainer's horse trainer. He skillfully teaches the art passed down for generations to his new proteges when he's not touring the world and earning prizes for his work with the unique breed of horse called the "Paso Fino" or fine gate, a term that describes their walk.


$80,000 per episode, currently being shopped. Days in the lives of the boy strippers of the internationally famous group based in Las Vegas.


$80,000 per episode, currently being shopped. Days in the lives of Frank Marino and his cast of female impersonators active since the 1970's.


$200K local film production about a Cajun fisherman covering up a racially motivated killing while on the hunt for Lafitte's gold.


TV Series and Video Game.

In the not too distant future, the game of football will undergo a profound change. Fueled by greed, gambling debts, organized crime, and blood lust, an underground society will push the game to the depths of depravity and murder will become a simple game of odds. Enter the widow of a star athlete who won't let the official story go, and ride with her on her journey into the Abyss as she exacts her revenge, organ by organ.

Professional Video Production content development and creation feature film making advertising commercial documentary television actor resource


Crime Runs Deep in the Dirty South"

$2M Feature Film/Series Pilot currently in casting/development. Deals with a vigilante cab driver who accidentally sets off a chain reaction that reverberates through the highest levels of government when he unintentionally executes a pimp and keeps an underage prostitute from the reach of the law.


$6M Feature Film in development. From the pages of a David Goodis Novel, this noir tale spins through the 1950's streets and bar rooms of New Orleans: Lust, alcohol, envy, and a bus crash lead our hero to a perilous journey on the lam from the cops.


An ongoing outdoor battle of fists backed by entertainers vying for trophies and fame. 

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