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How to Finish Your Film

Advice From Sundance Filmmakers: How To Finish Your Movie (

Any filmmaker can tell you that finishing your film is easier said than done.

Here is the advice from some of the filmmakers who finished their projects and had them displayed at Sundance this year.

"Don't wait for permission to do this work. No one will ever give it to you. If anything, there will be plenty of people who give you advice about your projects and try to convince you to make them smaller. They may tell you not to do them at all. This comes from a place of fear for you, which is nice and all, but never made anyone a filmmaker. Go with your gut, dive in, and start learning (aka failing) as much and as quickly as you can." - Alexandria Bombach, Director, cinematographer, and editor of On Her Shoulders

"Come prepared, be flexible, and hire people smarter than yourself." - Ashley Connor, DP on The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Madeline's Madeline

"Don't wait for permission or take no for an answer. Be comfortable taking risks. Have confidence and conviction in your vision." - Michael Dweck, Director of The Last Race

"Don't be afraid to ask anyone for anything." - Andrew Carlberg, Producer of The Blazing World

We picked these pieces of wisdom from a much longer list featured on No Film School.

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