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Videography for featur documentaries and TV productions like Spike Lee's "Levees Broke" series
Enviornmental Justice, Social Justice, Documentaries that save lives, we produce and film documentaries, we are cinematogaphers and videographers
We create documentaries, we film documentaries, we make documentaries, and we are videographers and cinematographers for Biker movies and Christian movies








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Sing Pledge and Pray

Working with Steven Scaffidi, we covered the first annual "Light Up The Hills" Christian biker rally held at the world famous Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, South Dakota. The movie reveals more than you'd think. 

David Goodis Biography

David Goodis remains the enigmatic mysterious semi-famous pulp noir fiction writer active

in Mid-Twentieth Century America. Retracing the footsteps of the "poet of the losers", we

get a sympathetic feel for the themes and undercurrents found in his writings. "When you

read him, you become him."

The Human Cost

I worked with my friend, NPR journalist Christian Roselund, to depict the horrors and trauma after Hurricane Gustav ripped through the coast of southern Louisiana. The revelations and issues at the time have not changed since this last year's aggressive storm season and it's important to look back to see lessons learned and items still needing action.

Cut Off

The fight to destroy public housing in New Orleans.

The Destruction of Public Housing voted by New Orleans City Council. This film deals with the intrigue and chaos surrounding this earth changing event for a city still in recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of low income citizens were displaced after the vote to demolish the projects. Most never would return to the only home they ever knew.

Company Town

Although we only did cinematography for this film, we are happy to see the work exhibited in theaters around the country and we hope our efforts will continue to support the changes we need. Enough people have died of cancer caused by the Georgia pacific plant in Crossett, Arkansas, because the EPA allows the Koch brothers to continue to pollute on a massive scale as a result of a hardship permit granted in 1933. 

Secrets in Lace

This light-hearted romp depicting the makings of a lingerie fashion show in New Orleans. This spot remains an entertaining look at the days surrounding the event and remains a popular youtube success.

A Day in San Francisco

Just some lovely stock film shots of one of my favorite cities.

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One of our most favorite forms. Long term or very personal in nature, we chronicle life to highlight important world issues in an attempt to bring about needed change. We also create documentaries for our corporate clients, but we  bring a very personal narrative along with us to those assignments. We shoot for CNN, PBS, and a variety of international producers.


Americana Music Doc.               

Sing Pledge Pray       

Koch Brothers Exposed        

Company Town             

Coastal Erosion: The Human Cost      

Off Shore: Beyond the 2010 BP Oil Spill   

Cut Off: The Fight For Public Housing    

HB705: Solar Victories in La. Legislature   

When The Levees Broke                         

The Informant 

Cut Off

The Human Cost

David Goodis Bio

Secrets in Lace

City of New Orleans


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