Search Influence

We created this series of videos to promote the company and delineate the advantages

they offer businesses. The challenge was to create a large variety of work within a very 

limited timeframe.

Nike Sizzle Reel Los Angeles

We really love the energy and pace we put into this one. After a whole week of filming 

different events for Nike's health awareness week in L.A. we produced a series of sizzle

reels that encapsulated the daily events. 


This sizzle reel covered the excitement of NBA NOLA week. We used a variety of

techniques to capture the essence of the week at the convention center.

Building Blocks

This creative collective of businesses needed a promotional series to highlight themselves

and to show how a collaborative work environment can yield high results for all its members

by giving them the resources and image the business world requires.


A simple clean sizzle reel documenting the Mooya corporate week of seminars and 

nightly events.

Purple Monkey

Although Purple Monkey Tee Shirt Manufacturers are not a large multi-national corp.,

they are a hometown favorite and we really enjoyed working with them to create this.

Shea Moisture

This 4 minute reel combines still photos with video to create a fun balance that helps

describe Shea's hip urban vibe.

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We electrify every event or corporate assignment. Even from the mundane explainer video and all the way to the wild consumer oriented sizzle reel, we enjoy doing all of these different types of work, We enjoy working with a variety of clientele.