Life 10 Electrolyte Water

60 sec spot

This series features young athletes, rising to prominence in our own community. Boxers,

Football players, and Basketball sharpshooters join forces to reveal the tension of sport

and the need to be well hydrated and energized. 

Gibson Guitars

30 sec spot

We love music and we love Gibson. It was an honor to show how sexy and essential 

the Les Paul has been to rock'n'roll history.

Michael Gascon Academy

60 sec spot

Michael Gascon Horse Training Academy focuses on developing the inner "whisperer"

in all his students. He's gifted and well-known internationally. We are also developing 

a TV show he hosts.

New Orleans Bike Week

10-15 sec spots

We created branding and style for the Bike week extravaganza. We also love motorcycles.

In fact we are working on 2 documentaries all about differing lifestyles and we are surprised

at how many different walks of life bikers pursue.

Tommie Vassel for Mayor

Even though he didn't become New Orleans' new mayor, we gave it a valiant effort.

E. St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce

3 min 39 sec

This web-based business profile supports the Chamber's new growth

Larson Heating and Cooling

2 min 19 sec

This web-based business profile is typical for the hundreds of these type of adverts

we've created for local shops over the years.

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We write, produce, film, and edit them from inception to broadcast. We build creative teams based on the needs and budgets of our clients so we don't do "cookie-cutter" work. We work with feature film motion graphics and camera teams for top level results.